Wedding Bales

Wedding bells are in the air! Well actually the Bales are getting married. I put this site together for my sister, and soon to be brother-in-law. They wanted to have the option for their wedding guest to RSVP online. So I set her up with a fully responsive, RSVP ready, website with a ton of extra features.

The first thing you'll notice is a count down timer for their big day! I've also included a complete overview of the groomsmen, and bridesmaides (Along with their social media profile links). There is a loveline section descibing how these two love birds met, and a fully loaded gallery of their beautiful family! There's even a section that hosts their gift registry and a "Suggest a Song" form, for the DJ.

I have decided to host the site and completely handle all the backend scripting. I've integrated a database for all the Song Requests and an emailing and texting notification system to alert them of any new RSVP's and Requests made piror to that big day!

Jay's Plumbing Company

This was my very first project. I didn't know a single thing about coding when I started this site! But I wanted to test the skills I've learned and challenge myself by building Jay's Plumbing a dynamic, fully responsive, mobile friendly site!

I designed this knowing that one day it would launch into a live enviroment. As of 09/2016 The site offically lauched live! I was able to completely build the entire front-end and back-end of this site. I used PHP and SQL as the backend Stack

I have a ton of Ideas for this project and I know it will develop more and more as I grow in my developing knowledge and skill. .